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Agreement and Disclaimer

1. Agreement and Disclaimer

This is agreement and disclaimer concerns the services provided to you through Practical Divorce Solutions. The information received from our team is provided as a service to you in the form of coaching, strategy, support and paralegal services. It is understood that Practical Divorce Solutions does not claim to give you proper legal advice. If you need legal advice we advise you to consult with a lawyer. Practical Divorce Solutions is not responsible for the outcome or circumstances that may occur with respect to any legalities or otherwise when using our services. In utilizing the services of Practice Divorce Solutions it is we make it clear that our services provided are coaching, strategic planing and paralegal services. It is agreed that it is your own responsibility to review all paperwork processed by the consultants of Practical Divorce Solutions and the content contained in them will always be approved by our clients. Practical Divorce Solutions is relieved of any and all liability with respect to any outcomes from utilizing their services.


  1. It is understood and agreed that Practical Divorce Solutions and or anyone person (s) working for Practical Divorce Solutions is not liable for any errors, negligence, legal consequences or any other acts or commissions arising from using our services.