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Dispute Mediation

Dispute Mediation

Practical Divorce Solutions provides you with the opportunity to meet as a couple with a mediator, in order to negotiate and resolve the differences causing your concerns.

The mediator will provide options, and practical solutions in order for both of you, as a couple, to come to an agreement that can then be incoporated into a binding legal document (Consent Order or Agreement).

We encourage a healthy exchange between couples during this process, limiting any fears or concerns that the information exchanged could be used against each other.

Why should I use a mediator?

The mediator is a neutral party that facilitates proper communication ending in a positive result for both parties.  It is shown that couples who engage in mediation to settle their differences versus battling each other out in a courtroom or through the legal system save a tremendous amount in legal fees, emotional stress, or even sometimes being able to settle their differences completely to the point of reconcilliation.


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