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    It's already hard.
    It doesn't have to be
    Expensive too.
    A Marital breakdown is hard enough without
    the added financial strain a divorce can bring.
    Practical Divorce Solutions is here to help.
    We are your affordable alternative.

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    Divorce Coaching
    Navigate the legal system with
    the knowledge you need.
    Divorce coaching is the alternative for those who wish to self-represent.
    We provide a support system to those going through divorce,
    working with individuals or couples in resolving their issues
    surrounding their divorce, to completion.

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    Practical People
    Practical Solutions
    We are here to help.
    Give us a call to get the process started.

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Welcome To Practical Divorce Solutions - The Divorce Alternative

Our experienced and knowledgeable associates assist self represented individuals going through divorce, child custody, child/spousal support, property division and post divorce issues. Our exceptional paralegals will process all the necessary paperwork that is required and our talented supportive divorce coaches will prepare you for court, assist with conflict management, help you set goals, put together a strategic plan, and mediate as necessary.


Divorce coaching is an alternative to using law firms. We provide a support system to those going through divorce, working with individuals or couples in resolving the issues surrounding their divorce to completion.

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Having to attend court can be a harrowing, stressful, exhausting and confusing experience. Utilizing an experienced litigation support person to assist and assess your position can make things much less stressful.

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Practical Divorce Solutions provides you with the opportunity to meet as a couple with a mediator, in order to negotiate and resolve the differences causing your concerns.

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Practical Divorce Solutions can assist you with all of the paperwork necessary to complete your divorce from start to finish. We are well versed in the process of divorce and our paralegals have 12+ years experience working in the family law field.

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